Every Day

Every Day - David Levithan I'm in completely two minds about this book. Whilst reading it, I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't want to put it down. But after completion of "Every Day", I wasn't so sure.

Every Day follows the body swapping, loved up A, who falls for Rhiannon, who he meets whilst inhabiting her boyfriend's body.

The concept of a character being in a different body each day is something that I really enjoyed as a reader. I was glad the book spanned around 40 days as Levithan explores a wide range of characters with a range of different issues and stories.

However..... After finishing the book I began to ponder a few things. Firstly the logic behind the body swapping is rather odd and we never find out how or why it occurs! I also realised that A isn't as much of a good guy as I originally thought. Sure, he has good intentions, but he does succeed in ruining the day of the people's bodies he inhabits, which needless to say will have future consequences for those characters when they wake up the next day.

Quite frankly, I can't make my mind up about this book. That's why I'm rating it 3/5. Average.